HeartyPatch Documentation

HeartyPatch is a completely open source, single-lead, ECG-HR wearable patch with HRV (Heart Rate Variability) analysis. It is based on the popular ESP32 system-on-a-chip.

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Getting live ECG data from HeartyPatch over WiFi/TCP

The firmware for the HeartyPatch’s on-board Espressif ESP32 chip uses the esp-idf framework for development. You will need to install and configure the following components to setup a development environment:

Please make sure all of the above tools are properly installed before proceeding.

The current version of the HeartyPatch code compiles well and performs well only with v2.1 of the ESP-IDF and version 1.22.0-61-gab8375a-5.2.0 of the Xtensa toolchain.

Setup guides for these components are available on the ESP-IDF documentation site.

You can then clone our Github repository of code for the ESP32:

git clone https://github.com/Protocentral/protocentral_heartypatch.git

or download a zip file of the latest master branch.

Download this zip file, rename it to whatever you want to. Change to this directory and then start building.

The folder heatypatch-stream-tcp contains the code for streaming ECG.

Before flashing this code, enable wifi, TCP and mdns through makemenuconfig similar to the process described in the previous section.

Run the makefile (assuming previous steps are done correctly):

make or make -j5

To flash the firmware on to the board, just use:

make flash

If the flashing is successful, you should see something similar to the below screen:

ESP Success

You can open the IDF monitor to see the debug messages by using the command:

make monitor

If all goes well and the HeartyPatch gets connected to your specified Wi-Fi network, you should see something like the following:


You can download the TCP client GUI for your platform from this link:

Download TCP Client GUI

After you unzip and run the executable program on your computer, choose the default address (heartypatch.local) and click connect. You should see a screen like this:

HeartyPatch Streaming ECG

Congratulations !

If something doesn’t work, please email us your problem at support@protocentral.com

More information about this process and the ESP32 framework is available in the ESP32 Get Started Guide.